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Port Stephens based Branding Agency | PS Branding
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“Port Stephens based Branding Agency”

Our branding services

1. Screen Printing

Our in-house screen printing and sublimation facilities can do all your branding for you. From t-shirts to promotional bags, and anything that can be printed from natural cotton to synthetic materials such as photo displays, stubby holders – let us know what you need.

2. Market Testing

Now that your idea has been consolidated into several concepts, we will test those with the market. Ultimately your customers will decide and you will avoid costly mistakes. Test Test Test, then SUCCEED is our motto!

3. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

With billions of website competing to rank on the first page of Google, you cannot afford to stay idle. Onsite SEO Optimisation is a must for any business owner. We will optimise your website and help your customers find you.

4. Unique Offerings

Chances are you won’t be the first to market. But you are you, and you are unique. Your brand is an extension of you and your passion. Be you and woo your customers.

5. Product Development

Building a ‘product’ is an art form. Ultimately this ‘product’ will solve someone’s problem or create an emotional connection so powerful that your customers will move from WANTING to NEEDING.

6. Services and Nurturing

We believe services is more important than the products you sell. With services you build trust and long-term relationship with your customers. Moving to Authentic Servicing will set you apart.

7. Going to Market

With all your strategy now in place, it is time for execution. Whether you start a business on $5 per day (yes it is possible) or invest a lot more, your approach to engaging the market will be the ultimate decider between failure and success.

8. Cost Modelling

Don’t throw all your chips without the proper market, economic, and financial assessments. We have seen many businesses fail or struggle because of rushed decisions upfront. Let us help you set up the right way.

9. Social Media Presence

You can’t escape it, you have to be in it to reach and nurture your prospects and customers. Do it strategically and achieve exponential growth. Let us manage this for you with an integrated strategy.

10. E-commerce Presence

We will then put all this into an informational and/or e-Commerce website designed with these objectives in mind. A website is much more than an online business card, it is an amalgamation of integrated technologies that must drive customers.

11. Idea Confirmation

No business idea is a bad idea, however a successful idea depends on how you choose to present it. Let us brainstorm with you, you’ll be surprised how far we can take it.

12. Optimisation

It is never a set and forget, but rather the pursuit of never ending perfection. From SEO strategies to social media split testing and integrated marketing campaigns, to behavioural email campaigns. The limits are the one you set yourself, we prefer a limitless world!

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