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“Rank Higher in Search Engine Results with…”

Search Engine Optimisation

1. Why is SEO so Important?

With an estimated 1.5 billion websites today and about 50 billion pages that have been indexed by Google, the question is pretty simple… Why should search engines rank your website over another?

2. What’s your platform?

Some sites rank better and easier than others, we recommend platforms such as WordPress which allows you a lot more flexibility both within your website but also because we can host it and optimise the backend software.

3. Where to start with SEO?

Contact us and include your website address so that we can perform a quick audit as to how you currently rank. There is absolutely no obligation. We will review your website for keywords, competition, keyword difficulties, volume potential and other metrics.

4. What is the budget for SEO?

Our minimum entry point is $1,695 per month with a minimum commitment of 6 months. There is no upper limit to the amount of time that is dedicated to SEO but anything less than that would be really difficult to achieve some results.

5. Why does SEO takes time?

Every time a change is made to your website, search engines need to index them before the results start showing. Sometimes your website can be indexed within 24 hours, other times it might take 7-14 days. From there, we review the results for some additional potential changes.

6. Can you accelerate SEO?

Yes! Data is king when it comes to SEO. For faster results we recommend that we also include our Google Ads services as we can extract additional information as to the types of queries your potential customers make online, then we optimise your website content accordingly.

7. A Pre-Requisite for SEO

As the old adage says “you cannot improve what you don’t measure.” Prior to starting with PS Branding on your SEO journey we will need to ensure that your website is setup correctly to capture data. If it isn’t we will need to install some codes so that we can see how your customers interact with your website.

8. On-Page / Off-Page SEO?

The pricing listed in 4. above refers to on-page SEO — that is changes constrained within the existing content of your website only. We also offer optional SEO-based articles that will reside onto your website. Off-page SEO is also optional and refers to content writing and backlinks originating from third-party sources.

9. How long does SEO last?

SEO results should stay as long as no other websites improve theirs to your detriment. Therefore if SEO is not part of your regular marketing budget it will require updates. You will easily see if your website is negatively impacted as we you see lesser visits and lesser enquiries.

10. E-commerce SEO?

Please get in touch so that we can review your online products and services. Pricing will be adjusted according to how many products you would like to improve with SEO, and / or how aggressively you would like to optimise your entire products range.

11. Is SEO absolutely necessary?

No it is not if your business operates on word-of-mouth with more business that you can handle. Having said that however, the day a new competitors come into your space offering better services, quality and/or pricing — you may be required to look at actively pushing your business. Starting with SEO today will ensure you are not on the back foot.

12. Do you have additional questions?

Search Engine Optimisation is a very big topic which has a lot of elements to it. We are happy to answer your questions. Should you wish to see what keywords our clients rank for, simply drop us a line and we will forward some keywords you can Google to see for yourself.


Are you ready to increase your online presence with SEO?

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We work with both Australian and International websites including eCommerce stores. All content must be in English.



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