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Screen Printing T-Shirts in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens | PS Branding
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Screen Printing T-Shirts in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens

Screen Printing Services

We can print on a variety of materials including t-shirts, pillows and most fabrics.



What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing is a process of applying ink to a garment through a fine mesh (screen). Depending the detailed designs, we use specific mesh count. There are different mesh count that can be used. Lower mesh count screens have larger openings that allow more ink to flow through, while higher mesh count screens allow for finer details in your printing but with less of a coating of ink.

We select the correct mesh based on the level of details of your design, the colour of the ink that will be used, and the colour of the garment printed on.


How Many Colours Can I Print?

Screen Printing is typically used with 1, 2, or 3 solid colours. Note that each colour will require a separate screen. Most clients keep things simple especially if you are planning quantities of less than a 100 units — and will use a one-colour print. The one off-cost of the screen is the most expensive, so having multiple colours in your design will require larger quantities to off-set that one-off cost. You can print up to a throusand items with the same screen before it begins to deteriorate. If the screen deteriorate before this volume is achieve we will replace it at no cost to you.


When Should I Use Screen Printing?

Typically you want quantities of at least a minimum of 20 units per order with each screen printing run using the same colour. Depending on your design we can do less quantities, but we will be a LOT happier not having the clean the screens every 10 units.


Can I Bring My T-Shirts to Be Screen Printed?

Of course! Some of our clients just want cheap t-shirts from KMart and other prefer the higher qualities from the likes of AS Colour. You can bring the t-shirts to us or we can provide them to you – easy! You don’t have to print all orders in one-go, many of our clients will print 50-100 units, then another 50-100 a few months later.


What Design Can You Print?

If you can dream it, we can pretty much print it. You can send us a high resolution vector file in an Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop format, or if you don’t have it we can design it for you. This will attract a separate fee based on the type of design that you require.


What Are the Cost?

We like to keep things simple… so you will be charged the following:

  • Design Fee (if you send us a different format, if you require design changes, or if you require that we design it for you)
  • One-Fee Screen Preparation Fee
  • Cost per Print which will vary based on single / multiple colours, front and/or back print.

All future order will only incur a Cost per Print. There are no delivery charges for Fingal Bay, Shoal Bay, Nelson Bay, Corlette, Salamander, Salamander Bay, Soldiers Point, Boat Harbour or Anna Bay.


How Fast Can You Turn Around?

The first order will take between 7-14 days, usually because we need to make sure we have the right file format, confirmation of placement, getting your screen setup and t-shirts or garments delivered. All subsequent orders are usually screen printed within 7 days or order.


Some of Our Screen Printing Clients in Port Stephens

Please have a look at the short video for some of our fantastic clients, many of which you will recognise.