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SEO Agency servicing Port Stephens and Newcastle | PS Branding
Optimise your website for SEO and help your customers find you on Google by ranking higher in search results. Servicing Port Stephens and Newcastle businesses.
seo agency port stephens newcastle
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SEO Agency servicing Port Stephens and Newcastle

Optimise your website for SEO & help your customer find you on google

No lips service , SEO results

Simply contact us and we will provide the keywords & client names so that you can Google and see the first page results for yourself.

focus on what's important

Would you rather have lots of traffic or less traffic but that converts to enquiries and sales. The SEO journey is one of long-term strategy.

We will guide your content

We will review your current website content and implement the changes necessary based on the strategy we implement with you.

When can I expect results?

SEO results depend on a lot of variables, including website history and your competition, expect results between 3-12 months.

let's get you started on your seo journey

The first step in your SEO journey is to ensure that your website content is structured correctly and that your content is optimised according to an overarching strategy “who and where are your customers?” — therefore, the Pre-Requisite package is necessary. You then have two options to proceed with at $250 per week or $600 per week. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel whenever you’d like.  The Advanced pricing offers a considerable advantage as we  optimise your website by taking into consideration your online ads performance — this is the fastest way to rank on Google. 






Per week



Per week

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Frequently asked questions

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation. In simple terms it allows users to type a query in Google, Bing or Yahoo and the best search result will be listed. The user will then choose the best link to follow and visit a website for further information. The process of optimising your website for SEO is to ensure that specific queries list your website on the first or second page of search results.

The short answer is ‘NO’ if you are planning to drive traffic to your website through Online Advertising, have a large email list, or have other websites link to your website. However, this would greatly limit your potential reach as no one outside of the above will be able to reach you by using search queries through search engines.

That is a long and complicated answer. The first step is to write excellent content. Simply type a query in Google and read the first 3-5 non-advertised results. Then write something better. There is a lot more to this and we will take care of the rest for you.

With a correctly structure website for SEO, a relevant strategy and supporting content, your website will be listed as a search result in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc thus your reliance of paid advertisement will be reduced. With great content, customers will be clicking on your website link, enquire and purchase your products or services.

Simply contact us or select the PRE-REQUISITE option above. We will audit your website with our software, develop a SEO strategy based on your products, services, market, geo location and competiton and implement these changes to your website. We will take care of it all on your behalf.

Results vary based on your competition, the competitiveness of the keaywords — also known as KD or Keyword Difficulty, the authority of your website in the eyes of Google and past performance. You can achieve results within 3 months, other more competitive markets might take up to 12-months, it really depends on your industry and your target market and no one can predict exactly results. All we can do is present your website in the best possible way for search engine algorithm to select your website over someone’s else website.

Do you have any more questions, feel free to Contact Us

sample SEO clients

Pure PM

PurePM specialise in Commercial Real Estate Management. They have offices in Port Stephens, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney. We started working with PurePM in early 2019, they had a new website and very little history. Today PurePM ranks on the first page of Google. Contact us for the keywords if you want to see for yourself.

Dream Racer

Dream Racer is the most awarded motorcycle documentary film of all time. The website is based on the Magento platform and have sold Dream Racer -- a "Dakar Rally Film" on DVDs across 145 countries. It took over 12 months to rank in these very competitive keywords across the globe but today Dream Racer is truly #1 on Google search results.

Rubin Extensions

Rubin Extension is an European leader in 100% natural hair extensions based in Switzerland. We started working with Rubin Extensions in February 2019 for the French speaking areas of Switzerland, and a brand new French shopify ecommerce store. Through SEO optimisation we were able to grow the revenue of both ecommerce stores. Today we have added both the USA and Australia websites.

Barkers in Balance

Barkers in Balance has been in business for many years providing dog training across Port Stephens and Newcastle. We spent a few months working on this existing website to optimise all the relevant content. Today Barkers in Balance is on the first page of google as a dog trainer in Port Stephens and Newcastle

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